6 Minecraft Uses in Education

Future of Education

Advantages of Using Minecraft in Our Schools

Education is one of the sectors that evolve rapidly. Every day, educators all over the world are turning to more and more innovative ways to mold their students. The most notable one of these methods is the use of Minecraft to boost the performance of children in schools.

Minecraft has unlimited possibilities when it is used as a tool for learning. The following is an outline of some of the uses of this video game in education.


  1. Keeping pupils occupied with constructive activity while in the school computer room.

The internet is full of hostile and harmful websites that are negative influences to young impressionable pupils. Minecraft is a constructive and engaging video game that keeps pupils occupied when they are not under supervision, for whatever reason.


  1. Helping students develop and improve basic computer skills.

This video game can be played by students as young as 5 years old. When such young players children using Minecraft in schoolspend some of their free time everyday on the video game, under supervision, they are guaranteed to grow their computer skills. These could reach very competent levels within a period of less than 5 years. This is important to their careers after school.


  1. It teaches students something about leadership.

Minecraft allows the player to have complete control over his or her domain. The player is able to make decisions that other leaders make in the real world. When such a responsibility is placed on a young child, he or she is bound to learn that every decision may either come with positive or negative consequences. This will develop the instincts needed later on in life to be a leader.


  1. To develop students problem-solving skills

Teachers use this video game to develop their students abilities to find answers to life’s problems. Occasionally, the game allows the player to run into challenging situations. As the child learns to get him or herself out of a problem, he or she gets to understand the types of decisions that may work best in solving problems out in the real world.

  1. To help students develop their social skills at an early age

Teachers use Minecraft in education to help their students perfect their social skills. The video game offers the player a multiplayer option in order to get assistance for other players when faced with big challenges. This kind of interaction teaches the pupil what he or she needs to know when faced with challenges that he or she cannot handle alone in the real world.

  1. To help children learn how to plan their affairs at an early age

young child playing minecraftThe video game is also used to teach students how to plan from an early age. Since we all know that failing to plan is planning to fail, the student will have some knowledge of planning his or her personal affairs out in the real world. This skill will later on give them a greater chance at succeeding in life.


The above uses of Minecraft in education are only a fraction of its potentials. If this video game is played under proper supervision by an educator, it will be a very positive influence to a student of any age.